Saturday, August 1, 2009

The last 6 months...

Ok so we are not very good bloggers.
A lot has happened in the last 6 months... let's see...
Our nephew has grown so much... he turned one and has now started talking and walking!
House projects- Renovating the bathroom and garage
One of our closest friends Emily + Simone got married in Chicago
Vacation- South Carolina with the fam and Florida, including Disney
Lots of wedding festivities for Meredith and Mandy
Jess got a new job in a public district and Sam got into the firefighting progam!!
LILY LILY LILY who has been there for all of it! She is the best dog ever!
Now here are some pics...

Jack and Grandpa at his first birthday party

The cake and cupcakes made by mom (Stacey)

These two are our favorite pics... looking so grown up!

RENOVATIONS... DIY all the way!

This summer we decided on two main projects the garage and the bathroom!! The garage (which I don't have any pictures of) was fairly easy... taking out cabinets, painting, redoing the floor, putting up peg board and organizers...
Then there is the bathroom... still not done.. but here are some pictures to show our progress!!
Getting rid of all of the ugly pink pink pink!!
A huge mess...
Not sure what is happening in this one... but I thought it was funny... kinda looks like he is getting sick! :)

Gutted! Down to the studs! Oh and Lily looking cute!
Putting up drywall and installing the electrical boxes...
This pictues just shows the layer of dust that was throughout the house from all of the demo...

The tile being put up in the shower...
(Remember we have done all of this work ourselves... it has been fun!)

Emily + Simone

The Piga wedding in Chicago was such a fun time! It was so nice to see such an amazing couple commit to each other!!! We love them dearly and wish we were closer to see them more than we do!!! We wish them the best in a long and happy marriage!!
The beautiful ceremony... where Em said her vows in Italian!!!!

Kristen, Mrs. Piga, and I getting ready to enter the reception!
Sam and I

The boys


ROAD TRIP! We first drove to the mountains of South Carolina to see all the hard work my father put into designing a house he has been working on for over a year now... It was AMAZING!!!! We had a full house and a lot of fun with the Bishops, Mullens, Fishers, and the Weists!

Of course on the way Sam had to stop and eat Kentucky IN Kentucky

This is the amazing house!!! BEAUTIFUL!

One of the many amazingly designed rooms... the theater!

The Wii tournament... hysterical!!

Out to dinner with the whole gang... supposedly at a dive bar!

Sam's favorite say of the whole trip... boating and getting to go tubing and skufing

Relaxing in the water after a day of water sports...

Out to dinner at the country club, right on the golf course...

Then we were off to FLORIDA... thanks to the Fischer's for letting us stay at their wonderful beach front condo! It was so relaxing to just hang out on the beach and by the pool all day!! We did take one day and drove to Disney World!

In front of the Magic Kingdom

Lots of fun wedding festivities for Mandy and Meredith...

First Mandy's shower...

The flower arrangements... done by the Bishops
The after party... with fun flip cup!! The bridesmaids :)

Meredith's shower... her bridesmaids :)
Mere's bachlorette pary!!

LILY... looking adorable

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

The first real snow of the winter here in Ohio finally came. Well as much as I dislike driving in the snow... I love when it snows enough for school to be closed! Another bonus is that our dog Lily LOVES the snow! She is like a little kid on christmas morning when there is snow to be played in. She runs in circles as fast as she can, throws snow in the air with her nose, and eats as much as she can! Sam has also been working hard trying to dig out our cars to get them out of our ice and snow covered drive way!

Running in one of her many crazy circles...

The bumper of our car...

Sammy shoveling away... being such a great husband!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


First we celebrated Christmas a week early in Cincinnati then we ventured to Toronto to celebrate Christmas with the Yeatmans. It was very cold with lots of snow and ice... although well worth the trip to spend Christmas with family! Then once we returned back to Ohio, we celebrated once again with all of the Bishop family at my parent's house.

Of course pictures of Jack's First Christmas...

Hanging out with all my wonderful cousins... Liam, Charlotte, and Olivia