Sunday, May 6, 2012

8 Months

She is getting so big, and starting to lose lots of her "babiness." She has four teeth, her two bottom and her two top teeth!  She is doing lots of new things this month!  She is really starting to crawl and move around!  She can scoot around on her belly, doing circles, or rolling over.  She is now just figuring out how to get up on her knees, I managed to catch it on camera once!  Her favorite thing to do it clap.  She literally does it all day long, for everything!  She has also learned to stick out her tongue when you say to her, "show me your tongue." She is also picking up food and putting it in her mouth all by herself.  She also loves standing holding on to various toys and furniture! 

Look how much I have grown!

Best Buddies


Trying to crawl...

Eating... picking it up, putting it in her mouth, banging for more, and sharing 

Fun swinging

Finally, loves cuddles with Daddy