Tuesday, September 4, 2012

12 Months ~ 1 Year

 Emma is 1 year old!!!  It has been such a fun year with lots of exciting family adventures!  She is now weighing 24 lbs (94 percentile) and is 31 1/2 (99 percentile) inches long!  Here are a few updates from the last month:  Emma is officially walking!  Every time she walks from one thing to the next she gets the biggest smile on her face and is so proud of herself!  She also now has 12 teeth and is constantly putting everything in her mouth to chew on!  She is still not too verbal, but has added a few more words to her vocabulary and really has mastered the ones she knows!  She has a favorite book called Bubbles, Bubbles and she will find it and hand it to you saying bubba, bubba.  Also, when she sees someone walk into a room she now will give you a big smile and shout HI!  She continues to love waving at anyone and everyone and of course eat!  (You will see this in my next post as she eats her birthday cake!)  Here are some of her 1 year old photos:

Look how much I have grown!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our House Addition

We decided to add an addition onto the back of our house this summer.  We made our porch into a nice big room for Emma to have lots more room to play! A huge thanks to my parents for putting in lots of hours to make it what it is!!  Here are some pics: