Sunday, April 22, 2012


We had a wonderful first Easter with Emma!  She joined us in our annual tradition to join the Fischer Family for a wonderful brunch at NCR and then a wonderful egg roll at their house!  I unforunetly did not get too many pics there... it was just too much fun and Carol, as always, did such a great job!  There were FUN little treats hiding everywhere!  It was also a beautiful spring day, sunny yet a nice cool breeze!

She loved the Easter Bunny!  She giggled the whole time!

Emma's Easter Baskets!  One is from the Yeatman Family!

One last final unrelated picture... lunch with Allie!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

7 Months!

 Miss Emma is now 7 months old!  Her personality is coming out more each day.  She has gotten much better at sitting up and still loves standing with help.  She is really trying to move around and crawl, but at this point is just moving her self around in circles.  She is also reaching for everything!  Here are her 7 month pictures with a little Easter flare.  She has some bunny ears as well as a fancy Easter hat from Grandpa Bishop.  

Get this hat off of me!

Quickly distracted... and forgot it was on her head!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Chicago... first road trip

My Spring Break started on Friday so we headed to Chicago for our first road trip first thing Saturday morning!  Lindsay and Steve's engagement party was on Saturday, which was the reason we planned the trip!  It was a wonderful party and so excited for them!!!  We stayed with Emily and Simone, who were excellent hosts and even watched Emma while we went to the party!  We finally got to meet Elizabetta who is absolutely ADORABLE with such a cute personality!!!  We also got to see Kristen, Tom, Nora, and Will!!  Nora is the most polite, caring little cutie and Will was so handsome with a contagious laugh! It was such a fabulous weekend and already can't wait to go back!  Here are some pictures of the trip...
Sleeping on the way down

Love how Emma is grabbing Will's leg :)

You can see me in her shades!