Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Grandma Bishop made an adorable four-leaf clover headband along with a green tulle tutu!  Here are some pics of her cute new outfit!   Emma loved the tutu.. especially touching and eating it!  
Hope everyone has a terrific day!

Friday, March 9, 2012

SIX Months

Emma is now a 1/2 a year old!  Crazy how fast that flew by, but on the other hand I can't imagine life before her!  She is still our 99% girl, well exceeding that top line on the growth charts!  She is now weighing 20 lbs 13 oz. and is 28 1/2 inches longs! She is into lots of new things, so this will be a double post with lots of pics.  She is still working on sitting up on her own, eating lots of new things and loving them all, has two bottom teeth, and loving to clap her hands.  She is also putting anything and everything she touches straight into her mouth and is loving every moment she gets to bond with Lily. She is working on all of her sounds, especially in the car and in the morning when she wakes up lying in her crib.

 Okay so this photo session did not go so well as you can see... 
she would not sit still for even a second!
 To the right...                                                             To the left....
 To the front...

 Emma trying to.... fly?

Attempt to crawl: Trying to get those knees under her... 
but then face plants into the floor

Now here are some more pictures from the last month....

Bath time

Passport pictures for our big summer trip!

 Sitting up

Eating my first Mum Mum

Bedtime story with grandma and grandpa Bishop

Some of her favorite toys

 Two bottom teeth

Playing tug with Lily

Hanging with cousins Charlie and Jack