Thursday, August 2, 2012

11 Months!

I can't believe I will only be doing my monthly update 1 more time!  Of course I will do updates, just not ones that have Emma in monthly cute onesies!  Next month- first birthday!  
She is getting quite the personality!  She is so close to walking!  She will let go of what she is holding on to and stand independently for a good 10 seconds with a big "I am so proud of myself" grin.  Sam and I will sit across from each other and she will take 1 or 2 steps back in forth.... so we are getting close!  She continues to say mama and dada a lot, and is now attempting to say ball (ba), Lily (lili),  and banana (nana).  She has learned to smile for the camera, as soon as she sees you taking a picture she puts on this cheesy grin.  She has loved watching the Olympics too, as soon as she hears people start cheering she will look at the TV and start clapping.  Her favorite thing do to however is eat!  She eats everything from summer squash to kiwi and gets so mad when it is gone!  Well here are some pics...

Not so sure these are actually attractive... but they sure are funny!!!  

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